EndoFlo Crystal Resistant Distillate

EndoFlo Crystal Resistant Distillate
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EndoFlo Crystal Resistant Distillate

EndoFlo Crystal Resistant Distillate

Crystal Resistant 80% Full Spectrum Distillate

  • MOQ: 250g
  • Total Cannabinoids: 80%
  • Total Cannabidiol: 70%
  • EndoFlo Distillate: Raw (no terpenes)
  • Full spectrum and crystal-resistant distillate
  • Perfect for CBD vape liquids
  • Available sizes: 250g | 500g | 1KG

Vape-Ready Freeflow Oil With 70% CBD

EndoFlo CBD oil distillates are perfect for use in CBD vape pens and CBD disposable vapes. Featuring an 80% total cannabinoid profile with 70% cannabidiol content, EndoFlo is a full spectrum CBD distillate that does not crystallise at room temperatures.

Many CBD vapes use isolated cannabidiol, or sometimes broad spectrum CBD oil, as this makes the vape liquid thinner, less likely to clog up vape coils and has less of the raw natural taste associated with hemp products. These oils are also less likely to crystallise inside the device, leading to further clogging. However, broad spectrum oils and isolated CBD do not contain the full spectrum of the cannabinoid profile, and often completely lack THC rather than including trace amounts below legal levels. This means the natural composition of the extract is incomplete when compared with its natural form.

EndoFlo is UNIQUE

EndoFlo is a full-spectrum CBD oil that takes advantage of the natural balance of minor cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, such as CBDa and CBG, to create a CBD oil that does not crystalise at room temperature. With a full cannabinoid profile and any controlled cannabinoids well below UK legal limits (and far below the amount needed to cause any psychoactive effects) this allows for a truly full-spectrum CDB oil. This gives users the best of both worlds: a full spectrum CBD oil brimming with all the naturally occurring compounds to promote the entourage effect, whilst remaining a versatile and functional distillate that can be used for vape oils, CBD gummies, capsules, oils, bath bombs and more!


Nature Knows Best

Why use full spectrum CBD distillates like EndoFlo when making CBD products?

  • Entourage Effect: The entourage effect is a theory suggesting that the various compounds in the hemp plant, including cannabinoids (like CBD and THC), terpenes, and flavonoids, work in synergy to enhance the therapeutic effects of each other. By using our EndoFlo full-spectrum distillate, you capture this synergy, potentially resulting in a more effective product.
  • Enhanced Therapeutic Benefits: Some users believe that full-spectrum CBD products provide more comprehensive and enhanced therapeutic benefits compared to CBD isolate. This is because the additional cannabinoids and terpenes may have their own unique therapeutic properties.
  • Potential for Lower Dosing: Some users find that they can achieve the desired effects with a lower dose of full-spectrum CBD oil such as EndoFlo, compared to CBD isolate. This can be cost-effective and may reduce the building up of the body’s tolerance when regularly consuming CBD.
  • Legal Compliance: Full-spectrum CBD distillate typically contains trace amounts of THC (often cited as below 0.2% THC in the United Kingdom). These trace amounts are usually not enough to produce psychoactive effects but may still have some therapeutic benefits. Importantly, using full-spectrum products like EndoFlo allows manufacturers to stay compliant with legal THC limits in many regions.
  • Natural Flavour and Aroma: Terpenes are responsible for the characteristic flavours and aromas of plants, and they are present in full-spectrum CBD products including EndoFlo. This can result in a more natural and robust flavour profile compared to products made with CBD isolate.
  • Consumer Preferences: Some consumers prefer full-spectrum CBD oils like EndoFlo because they feel they are closer to the natural composition of the hemp plant and seek a more holistic product.


“Vape Distillate Perfection!”

Wholesale Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

Dushey offers an ever growing range of wholesale CBD oils, gummies, capsules and CBD vape pens at unbeatable bulk prices. If you are a CBD store or supplier in the UK or EU and you are looking for a non-crystallising, full spectrum CBD distillate for your CBD products, sign up for a Dushey account today and enjoy the UK’s best CBD distillate with bulk discounts available.

Wholesale CBD Vape Pens

Shop 25 packs of our EndoFlo CBD Vape pens, available in five iconic cannabis strains with natural terpenes and filled with 700 puffs of our unique, non-crystallising EndoFlo distillate. Blended with 1.0ml our full spectrum CBD oil, EndoFlo CBD disposable vapes are fully UK-compliant and are rechargeable with a USB-Type C fast charging – meaning you can enjoy quality vapour production from the first drop to the last.


Trust in nature. EndoFlo uses natural terpenes from the hemp plant.

Here’s why EndoFlo uses only natural terpenes in its CBD vape pens rather than using cheaper artificial terpenes:

  1. Enhanced Flavor and Aroma: Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in various plants, including hemp. When natural terpenes are added to CBD vape products, they can impart a range of flavors and aromas, creating a more enjoyable and flavorful vaping experience. This is particularly appealing to consumers who prefer the taste and scent of natural cannabis or hemp.
  2. Customization: Natural terpenes allow manufacturers to customize the flavor profile of CBD vape products. Different strains of hemp and cannabis have distinct terpene profiles, which can be replicated or blended to create unique and appealing flavors. This customization can make CBD vaping more enjoyable for users with specific flavor preferences.
  3. Potential Entourage Effect: Terpenes are believed to contribute to the entourage effect, which is the idea that various compounds in the cannabis plant, including cannabinoids and terpenes, work in synergy to enhance the therapeutic effects of each other. By incorporating natural terpenes into CBD vape products, some users believe they can experience more comprehensive and potent effects.
  4. Natural Appeal: Many consumers prefer products made with natural ingredients, and natural terpenes align with this preference. They may view products with synthetic flavorings or additives less favorably due to concerns about potential health effects or a desire for a more authentic, plant-based experience.
  5. Potential Therapeutic Benefits: Certain terpenes have their own potential health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, or pain-relieving properties. When these terpenes are included in CBD vape products, users may benefit from their unique therapeutic qualities in addition to the effects of CBD.
  6. Transparency: Using natural terpenes in CBD vapes allows manufacturers to be more transparent about the ingredients they use. Consumers can easily verify the presence of specific terpenes by reviewing product labels or certificates of analysis (COAs), which can contribute to trust and confidence in the product.



This extract is an 80% FULL SPECTRUM ENDOFLO VAPE CBD DISTILLATE that is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa L which is high in aromatic compounds (terpenes). This product is made of bulk material used in vape products. Our full-spectrum extract is produced by soaking the paste extract in food-grade alcohol and then freezing below -100°C, after freezing the solvent is removed using a rotary evaporator and produces a purified full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich extract. Winterisation is used to remove chlorophyll, triglycerides, terpenes & waxes for an improved taste and palatable product. Distillation is used to purify the extract into a high CBD extract and controlled cannabinoids are reduced to within UK legal limits.

IMPORTANT: Must be stored between 5-19 degrees Celsius, for use in preheat, ceramic coil vape devices only. The maximum heating temperature for mixing and filling is 50 degrees Celsius at the point of the heat source. 30% monopropylene glycol & 1-7% terpenes dilution is recommended.

Independently lab tested to ISO 17025 standards.

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Cannabinoid Profile

Full Spectrum

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Storage Conditions

Keep refrigerated (room temperature or below) and out of direct sunlight

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