Dushey offers both unlabelled and white label options on all of our CBD products. 

Our unlabelled CBD products come without a label and can be delivered the next working day. Our white label CBD products take up to 7 working days to make and dispatch, but will be made with your own custom branding and logo.

You must order at least 48 units (8 CDUs of 6) of one product if you require white labelling. 

If you have any questions, read below to see how to order both unlabelled and white label CBD products. If you’re unsure which service is best for you, please get in touch with us via our web chat, by email or over the phone.


If you choose white label, Dushey will label and print your CBD products for you with your own logo, colours and brand design. This option lets you create custom branding for your CBD products to make them stand out on the shelves and establish your brand in a highly competitive market.

You must select a minimum quantity of 48 units (8 CDUs of 6 units) to qualify for white labelling. Only select this if you would like us to print and label your products for you with your own branding and logo. If you do not want us to label your product, select “No Thanks” to labelling options to order your products unlabelled.

Once you have selected how many of each product you would like, choose the option for white labelling and add them to your cart. You can add white labelling for as many products as you like, as long as the MOQ (minimum order quantity) is at least 48 for each separate product. 

Once you have paid for your products, you must then upload your label design on the Dushey website (as a png or jpeg). Our experienced in-house label design team will assist you through the process.

They will get in touch with you within 24 hours of uploading your design to confirm if your design is okay for printing, or to let you know it will not print well and offer advice and recommendations to make sure your bespoke branding is perfect for printing and looks professional.

It will take up to seven working days to create your custom branded and bespoke white label CBD products. We will let you know as soon as your custom branded products are ready and dispatch them to you.


You can order any of our CBD products without any labelling. This gives you the flexibility to design, print and attach your own labels to the products yourself. 

This is different to white label, where Dushey will print and label the products for you with your own branding. Our unlabelled CBD products have an MOQ (minimum order quantity) of just 6 units (one CDU).

If ordering over 48 units (8 CDUs of 6), simply choose the products you want to order and select no “No Thanks” to labelling options. This option will only appear if you have added at least 48 units (8 CDUs of 6) of one product. Any quantity less than this will automatically be unlabelled.

All of our unlabelled CBD products can be delivered the next working day when ordered before 13:00 GMT.

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