CBD Distillate – Broad Spectrum 10% (KG)

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CBD Distillate 10% (Broad Spectrum)

  • Available in 1KG unit quantities
  • Total Cannabinoids: 10%
  • Total Cannabidiol: 10%

Wholesale broad spectrum CBD distillate (10%) available to order in quantities of 1KG – 100KG. ISO 17025 lab tested. CBD distillate is refined from raw hemp extract and contains the full range of natural, active molecules found in the hemp plant. Distillates are often preferred over isolates as the combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other ingredients are said to work together synergistically to produce the ‘entourage effect’.

What are broad spectrum CBD distillates

Broad-spectrum CBD distillate is very similar to full-spectrum distillate, except the controlled substances found in the hemp plant (THC and CBN) are completely removed using gas chromatography.​

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


CBD Type


CBD Profile

Broad Spectrum

Total Cannabinoids


Total Cannabidiol



Viscous, oily liquid