EndoFlo CBD Vapes (CDU of 25)

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EndoFlo CBD Vapes (CDU of 25)

EndoFlo CBD Vapes (CDU of 25)

EndoFlo Disposable CBD Vape 700 Puffs

  • 25 vapes per carton (CDU x 5)
  • Non-crystallising FREEFLOW
  • Full spectrum CBD vape oil

Introducing EndoFlo CBD disposable vape, the first-of-its-kind extract that contains all the natural cannabinoids for the ultimate entourage effect. Its viscous liquid ensures that it won’t crystallize or clog up coils, while its safety and emissions reports and full lab analysis guarantee that you’re using a high-quality, safe product. Experience the difference with the rechargeable EndoFlo CBD disposable vape, the perfect choice for a satisfying and worry-free CBD vaping experience.

Enjoy wholesale prices on pre-filled and rechargeable EndoFlo CBD disposable vapes.

Choose From Natural Terpenes & Iconic Cannabis Strains

  • Lemon OG is a famous strain of cannabis that is renowned for its invigorating citrus aroma, brimming with prominent lemon notes and delicate floral hints.
  • Strawberry OG is a classic hybrid strain, packed with fragrant terpenes that boast a sweet and juicy aroma of fresh strawberries.
  • Sour Diesel is an iconic strain rich in terpenes that produce a fragrance dominated by a rich, earthy flavour with delicate floral hints.
  • Island Zkittlez is packed with fragrant terpenes with a rich mango and pineapple base and subtle floral undertones.
  • Purple Punch is brimming with aromatic terpenes, boasting a rich grape and sweet candy flavour with subtle notes of blueberry muffin.



EndoFlo Full Spectrum Cannabis Vapes with Crystal-Resistant CBD Distillate

Order CDUs of 25 for EndoFlo cannabis disposable vape pens. These rechargable CBD vape pens are packed with 500mg of CBD in each device and prefilled with 1.0ml of EndoFlo CBD vape oil lasting ~700 puffs (based on one-second-per-draw, which will vary based on vaping style).

With enhanced airflow and discreet design for on-the-go vaping, EndoFlo CBD vapes feature a ceramic coil for consistent and long lasting flavour until the last drop. Each device is powered by a 350 mAh internal battery, which can be recharged using a fast-charging USB Type-C cable.


Why Choose EndoFlo 500mg CBD Vapes?

Simple and Convenient: The EndoFlo CBD disposable vape is designed for easy and hassle-free use, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple, convenient CBD vaping experience.

Compliance Is King: Endoflo CBD goes above and beyond to ensure 100% compliance with all regulations and guidelines. We conduct a full toxicological risk assessment and create material safety data sheets, so you can rest assured that you are using a safe and compliant product.

Rigorously Tested: Endoflo CBD disposable vape is subjected to product safety testing using ecig MHRA procedures, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

Full Spectrum Extract: Endoflo CBD disposable vape contains all the natural cannabis cannabinoids and terpenes, which work together to produce the entourage effect, delivering a powerful and effective vaping experience.

Non-Crystallizing Extract: The unique formula used in the Endoflo CBD disposable vape prevents the extract from crystallizing, ensuring a smooth and consistent vaping experience every time.

New Extract Technology: Endoflo CBD disposable vape uses the latest and most advanced extract technology, delivering the best possible effects and benefits from your CBD vaping experience.

Trusted and Reliable: Endoflo is a trusted and reliable brand that puts quality and customer satisfaction first. You can trust that your Endoflo CBD disposable vape will always deliver the best possible experience.


EndoFlo Full-Spectrum Distillate Description:

70% FULL SPECTRUM ENDOFLO VAPE CBD DISTILLATE that is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa L which is high in aromatic compounds (Terpenes). This product is made of bulk material used in vape products. Our broad-spectrum extract is produced by soaking the paste extract in food-grade alcohol and then freezing below -100°C, after freezing the solvent is removed using a rotary evaporator and produces a purified full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich extract. Winterisation is used to remove chlorophyll, triglycerides, terpenes & waxes for an improved taste and palatable product. Distillation is used to purify the extract into a high CBD extract.

Available to order in quantities of 25pcs. Independently lab tested to ISO 17025 standards. Must be kept at room temperature to maintain crystal resistance.

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Lemon OG, Strawberry OG, Purple Punch, Sour Diesel, Island Zkittlez, Mixed Pack of 5 Strains

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