dushey cbd UK and EU acquires cbd manufacturing

Leading British CBD Firm Dushey Acquires CBD Manufacturing

dushey cbd UK and EU acquires cbd manufacturing

Leading British CBD Firm Dushey Acquires CBD Manufacturing

Dushey acquires CBD Manufacturing as it positions itself as a market leader in the UK CBD industry.

Leading British CBD supplier Dushey is excited to announce that it has acquired the white label cannabinoid producer CBD Manufacturing, in a major milestone for the bulk supplier of cannabis materials. The acquisition will officially take effect on November 1st 2021, which will allow Dushey to operate will full vertical integration and will be able to control its entire supply chain from production to point of sale. Though still in its infancy, the British CBD market is already highly competitive. The acquisition of CBD Manufacturing will place Dushey in a strong position going forward as the UK’s Novel Foods application process continues to unfold.

From seed to shelf

Manager Director Robert Sidebottom added; “This is a fantastic opportunity for Dushey to position itself as one of the largest and most capable CBD and cannabinoid suppliers in the UK. Despite being relatively young, the UK CBD industry is already highly competitive. Acquiring CBD Manufacturing will enable Dushey to optimise and control its entire supply chain from seed to shelf, allowing it to continue to provide quality CBD products with even more efficiency.”  “This is yet another step on our journey to providing high quality, cannabinoid products across the UK to those who need it most. We’re incredibly excited about the future of Dushey and this merger is just the latest example of how the company has continued to grow from strength to strength.” 

What CBD products does Dushey offer?

Dushey manufactures a variety of CBD products, including broad and full spectrum isolates, distillates and CBD cosmetics. To discover the full Dushey product range, you can head to our products page on our website. 

UK Novel Foods Update

The British government is still in the process of validating thousands of novel foods authorisation requests. According to the UK government website, “Novel foods are foods which have not been widely consumed by people in the UK or European Union (EU) before May 1997. This means that the foods don’t have a ‘history of consumption’.”  Businesses need to submit novel food authorisation applications by 31 March 2021. Whilst waiting for their application results, businesses can continue to sell their existing CBD products provided they are correctly labelled, are not unsafe and do not contain substances that fall under drugs legislation.  “However, no new CBD extracts or isolates, including new brands, should be sold until they have the necessary authorisation. A validated application is not sufficient to put new products on the market.” 

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