Laguna CBD Cream (Pack of 5)

Laguna CBD Cream (Pack of 5)
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Laguna CBD Cream (Pack of 5)

Laguna CBD Cream (Pack of 5)

CBD Cream UK Wholesale

  • CBD Cream: Broad Spectrum
  • Scent Profile: Lemon & Ginger
  • Total Cannabidiol: 100mg
  • Added Ingredients: Shea Butter, Vitamins A & E

Laguna CBD Cosmetics by EndoFlo

Revolutionise your skincare routine with our 5 packs of broad spectrum CBD face cream. Infused with 100mg of broad spectrum cannabidiol, this hemp cream is expertly formulated to transform your skincare regime into a self-care experience. A luxurious blend of nourishing ingredients, our THC-free CBD cosmetics elevate daily routines, offering deep hydration and enhancing natural glow.

Luscious Lemon & Glamorous Ginger

Inhale a burst of zesty freshness with our lemon and ginger CBD cream, infused with added vitamins A & E. The tangy notes of lemon peel awaken your senses, offering an invigorating burst of citrus, renowned for its uplifting and cleansing properties. Its brightness is seamlessly entwined with the spicy warmth of ginger root, adding an earthy depth to the fragrance. Together, lemon and ginger create a unique, invigorating aroma that is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a warm day.

Added to this sensory CBD delight are vitamins A & E which help to promote beautiful and healthy skin, reminiscent of a professionally curated spa experience. This rich fusion of scents evokes a harmonious balance, energising your senses while promoting tranquility. With every application, our CBD cream transports you to a realm of vibrant aromas and enhanced wellbeing.

The Power of Broad Spectrum CBD Cosmetics

This CBD-infused face cream is fortified with 100mg of broad spectrum CBD. Providing the full array of natural cannabinoids, these THC-free CBD cosmetics invigorate the skin, while promoting relaxation and overall wellbeing. Broad spectrum CBD allows the user to benefit from all of the cannabis plant’s naturally occurring components, without the THC, perfectly aligning with the UK’s legal parameters.

CBD For Skin: Why it Works

The face cream’s centrepiece is CBD, a naturally occurring compound that helps to promote a sense of calm and wellbeing. CBD in cosmetics works synergistically with your skin, enhancing its natural balance and radiance. This broad spectrum CBD face cream works on a cellular level to reinvigorate your skin and boost overall wellness.

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1 Box

Pots per Box


CBD Profile

Broad Spectrum

Total Cannabidiol


Total Cannabinoids


CBD Type


Scent Profile

Lemon & Ginger


Aloe Vera, Borage Oil, Cannabis Sativa Extract, Ginger, Ginseng, Lemon, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin A, Vitmain E






Contains Almond Oil

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